Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cattle Storm Mini Mart

It is true! I saw it on Channel 7 - a mini mart that sells nothing but cattle storm... Or, maybe it is a mart that sells cattle storm minis (miniture versions of cattle storms)...

Or maybe its a mini mart that sells storms for cattle.

No, no, no... the cattle are pissed at "mini" (as in the word "mini" (probably because it is just a prefix or abbriviation for the word "miniature") so they are storming the (word) "mini," and there is this "mart" that sells nothing but that.

Yet again, if "storm" is seen as "a strong or violent outburst," the "cattle" (being huge and beastly, burly creatures) could be "storming" "mini mart!" (exclamation point added for emphasis) because they want to be mini, and they are looking for a place that sells it...

Come to think of it, it could just be some cows running into a store.

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